In Case You Wondered

In Case You Wondered Why We Test for Glyphosate at Functional Formularies: Why all enteral formulas should be required to test

For almost two years now, Functional Formularies’ products Liquid Hope and Nourish have been tested for glyphosate contamination.  While we are pleased that our products have tested free of this insidious chemical, we are also disappointed that no other enteral formula company has shown interest in testing and that there is not a greater effort to reduce exposure to consumers.  We have argued since the beginning of our small company that the critically ill deserve the same right to clean, healthy food as the rest of the population.  For those challenged with health conditions, glyphosate exposure is unacceptable to us. Continue reading

More Research Illustrating

More Research Illustrating Long-term Damage From PPI Use: An elimination diet is often the sustainable solution

It is estimated that more than 17 million Americans are using one form of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) or another, primarily for the control of heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder). Continue reading

Brittany's story

Brittany’s story, Thriving on HOPE

Brittany's story

Long story short I got sick in 2010 at 17 years old. They didn’t know why and it took until last year and multiple hospitals including Mayo Clinic, UCLA, and Stanford to officially make a diagnosis. I went from being a successful  athletic teenager to a bed ridden and malnourished young adult, with no family history or accidents or pretty much anything to explain it. I found out my gut was completely paralyzed and that I have mast cell activation disorder. So my body is constantly fighting itself and sprung on allergies I’ve never had before. Even now the allergies change all of the time. Continue reading