New Research Reveals Considerable Overlap

New Research Reveals Considerable Overlap Between Severe Allergies and Chronic Food Allergies: The potential role of an elimination diet and possibly enteral nutrition with a formula that has elimination diet characteristics

The last decade has seen dramatic rises in the incidence of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), an inflammatory and autoimmune condition of the esophagus where children experience both pain and difficulty with swallowing.  Many epidemiologists have considered this new epidemic to be puzzling with no clear causes.  A recent investigation at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia however, raises an important question about the role of severe food allergies. Continue reading

Got Protein?

Liquid Hope and Nourish Offer Complete Protein and All Essential Amino Acids

Both Liquid Hope and Nourish formulas contain complete protein as defined by their protein sources offering all essential amino acids required by human metabolism.  Each formula contains a variety of whole plant ingredients that offer complimentary amino acids.  With Liquid Hope, garbanzo beans, brown rice protein, almond butter, quinoa, and peas, in addition to other vegetables included in the formula, combine to provide all of the 10 essential amino acids in adequate quantities. In the case of Nourish, almond butter is not found in the formula but other plant ingredients that contribute amino acids are adjusted to again contribute all essential amino acids in adequate quantities. Continue reading