Questions to Ask your Doctor

Questions to ask during an appointment with your doctor…

Being proactive in your healthcare and/or in the healthcare of a loved one involves planning and focused attention. Good communication with your doctor is vital, and being prepared is the best way to be sure good communication occurs during an appointment. One important component of communication with the doctor is asking questions. Writing down a list of questions prior to an appointment can help you stay on track during an appointment and ensure that you leave with the information you need (and that that information is clear). Below, you will find a guide of general questions that can be helpful during various appointments with your doctor.

  • Do I need any screenings or tests at this time?
  • Should I continue each of my prescription medications?
  • How concerned should I be about   (symptom)
  • What advice do you have to help me stay as healthy as possible until my next check-up?
  • When should I return for my next visit?
  • Do you have any concerns with the supplements or vitamins I am taking?
  • What are your thoughts about my current weight and blood pressure?

  • What should we hope to learn from this test/procedure?
  • What does the test itself involve?
  • How should I prepare for this test?
  • Are there any potential side effects?
  • When can I expect to receive the test results?
  • Will someone call me with results or should I contact your office?

  • What is the name of this medication? (Know how to pronounce it correctly)
  • Why do I need this medication?
  • What is the proper dosage and how often should I take it?
  • Are there any medications or supplements I should avoid while I am taking this medication?
  • What side effects may I experience?

  • What impact will this have on my daily functions?
  • How will this condition affect my life long-term?
  • How is this condition treated or managed?
  • Are there any lifestyle changes that will aid in managing this condition?
  • How can I learn more about this condition?

  • What is your perspective on the doctor-patient relationship?
  • How can I reach you or a doctor in your practice during an emergency?
  • How can I reach you during a non-emergency for questions?
  • Who will I see if you are unavailable for an appointment or an emergency?
  • How much time do you typically spend with a patient during an appointment?
  • Do you value quality nutrition as part of a health plan?

"The conversation today is focused on the hazards of sugar consumption. One critical piece that has been missing from clinical nutrition is how does sugar affect those who are already health compromised and on feeding tubes. If you are using formulas full of corn syrup solids, fructose and other sugars, how can you ever possibly expect a good outcome?

Healthcare practitioners who are truly focused on health should be thrilled that Liquid Hope™ represents an organic whole foods no sugar added option for those who are seeking true health."
Mark Hyman M.D.
Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center
Chairman, Institute for Functional Medicine

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