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Functional Formularies offers free webinars focusing on the benefits of real, whole foods to help the body thrive. Each is
open to medical professionals, caregivers, and people with feeding tubes and includes CEU credit for registered dietitians.

Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022
12:00-1:00pm EST
The Role of Antioxidants in Improving Patient Health (1 CPE Credit)
Inflammation and oxidative stress are central to the etiology of most chronic diseases. Additionally, most critically ill patients suffer from high levels of oxidative stress associated with surgery and related trauma. Foods that are rich in antioxidants have been shown to improve various aspects of human health when consumed regularly. The ability of an antioxidant-dense diet to help mitigate oxidative stress is not fully understood by the clinicians. This discussion will describe the mechanism that allows antioxidants to stabilize free radicals thereby helping to prevent potential damage to cellular components as well as identifying some of the more common methods of measuring antioxidant capacity. In addition, specific phytonutrients with exceptional antioxidant roles and the richest dietary sources of each will be listed. Join Dr. John Bagnulo MPH, PhD and Laura Dority MS RD LD for an in-depth assessment of antioxidant-rich foods and their use in helping improve patient well-being.
"There's no replicating what whole plant ingredients offer us in terms of protection against chronic disease and enhancing our ability to recover. Each ingredient is carefully selected to offer both nourishment and compatibility. All of our formulas offer much more than a list of nutrients. Each is designed with an appreciation of the microbiome, the immune system, and the capacity of food to influence inflammation."
John Bagnulo, MPH, PHD
Director of Nutrition

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