Can I use Nourish Peptide and Nourish Peptide Berry Medley interchangeably?

While both products contain 520 calories per pouch, there are some subtle differences in protein quantity, micronutrients, and ingredients. Because of these differences we encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider to see if using both products interchangeably is appropriate for your individual and unique healthcare needs.

What are the primary ingredient differences between Nourish Peptide and Nourish Peptide Berry Medley?

Nourish Peptide Berry Medley includes organic blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, pumpkin, cinnamon and stevia for the sweet taste profile as well as organic pumpkin seed protein which are not included in the Nourish Peptide product.

Nourish Peptide contains organic garbanzo beans and organic sweet potato which are not in the Berry Medley product.

For a list of all the ingredients for Nourish Peptide click here and Nourish Peptide Berry Medley click here.

Can Nourish Peptide Berry Medley be used as a base to smoothies?

Absolutely! Nourish Peptide Berry Medley can be consumed orally without anything added but is also a great high calorie, high protein base for a smoothie. You can easily blend with more fruits, vegetables, or healthy fat sources to change the flavor and/or add more calories!