How many ounces are in each pouch of Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish Peptide?

By law, we are required to list the “ounces” and “grams,” which are measures of weight, not measures of volume, on the food label. Because the formula is made from real food, its density can vary and, as such, so can the volume of the formula in each pouch. Rest assured, each pouch contains 341 grams as measured on a gram scale.

All nutritional information stated on our website and packaging is correct. It is calculated and tested per pouch, and the most accurate measure is 341 grams which is what our manufacturers use as a gauge of measurement on calibrated scales. Any pouch below 341 grams is rejected.

The conversation of weight is a complex one due to the fact that our product, per food labeling laws, has to show 12 ounces on the label. However, our products are not fluid ounces as most people expect, due to the viscosity. A glass measuring cup or syringe with ounce measurements is designed to measure only fluid ounces.  Our product, due to it not being “fluid” or thin as water, will only show 10 ounces.

We have done our best to offer accurate mL measures as a courtesy knowing that RDs are used to working with this measuring system.

Why are there variables in mL from pouch to pouch?

When it comes to measuring solids, weight (grams) is generally considered as more accurate than volume (mL). This is because the weight of a substance on Earth will remain constant even if its surrounding condition changes (e.g. if it gets hotter or colder). On the other hand, the amount of space (volume) occupied by a substance—especially if it is a liquid—can be affected by things like changes in temperature without the substance changing its form.

What is the product number?

Liquid Hope Peptide
24 Pack – LHPSW124
12 Pack – LHP112
6 Pack – LHP106

Nourish Peptide
24 Pack – NOUPWS124
12 Pack – NOUP112
6 Pack – NOUP106

What is my shipment/package is damaged?

If you receive ANY units of Liquid Hope Peptide or Nourish Peptide that appear to be bloated, damaged, or leaking to any degree, please contact us immediately at 937-433-4673 / Toll FREE: 1.844.631.8365 and/or send an email to office@functionalformularies.comDo not open, consume, or wash any product that appears to be damaged. Though rare, damage may happen during shipping. Under those circumstances, and with sufficient proof of damage, your product will be replaced by either your Durable Medical Equipment Company or Functional Formularies.

Can the product be exposed to high heat and freezing temperatures?

Under guidelines of our research laboratories, if Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish Peptide are stored and handled properly at ambient temperatures of 60º to 70º degrees Fahrenheit, the maximum shelf-life is two years.

Is it OK for Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish Peptide formulas to sit outside in the heat for short periods of time?
Yes. Exposure to higher heats (75–100º+) for short periods of time will not negatively affect the nutritional values. The only time the nutritional values will begin to be affected is if the products are stored at high heat for extended periods of time (6–12+ months). If exposed to high heat for an extended period, the nutrient value may be decreased over time.​

My Liquid Hope / Nourish Peptide was delivered and sat outside in freezing temperatures and is frozen. Is it OK to use?
Yes. Freezing can be a very good way to preserve the nutritional value, texture, and flavor of many foods. As long as the food was grown in a high-quality way (for example, organically grown) the overall nutrient retention in a frozen food will remain high. In other words, the vitamins and minerals will keep well when food is frozen.

If you do find that your Liquid Hope Peptide or Nourish Peptide has been frozen, just store at ambient room temperature and it will thaw naturally. If you need a pouch right away, please thaw the unopened pouch gently. If you find that your product has been frozen, the product may separate a bit. The product is still perfectly good to use, just shake thoroughly or reblend in a blender to re-emulsify.

Are your formulas vegan?

Our formulas utilize Vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol. D3 naturally synthesizes in your skin during exposure to sunlight and it’s also a commercially prepared supplement made from the lanolin retrieved from washing lambs’ wool; therefore, it may not be considered vegan for some individuals based on their practices. Other than the D3, our formulas are vegan.