What is our refund policy?

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot return any item to stock. After our product leaves our facility we cannot control how it is stored or cared for. We would never ship previously sold products to customers and we feel that you would not want us to do so. We recommend donating your unopened product to someone else who could benefit from it. We can direct you to our partner organizations that distribute our products to their communities.

Our products also can be used orally and make a great protein shake or can be included in many dishes.

When can I reach an operator?

Someone will be available to take your calls Monday–Friday 9–5pm, EST (excluding major U.S. holidays). Your call is very important to us, so if you receive a recording please leave us a message with your name and number and we will return your call within 24 hours. We can also be reached by email.

TOLL FREE: 1.844.631.8365

What is the hang time?

Our Liquid Hope Peptide, Liquid Hope Peptide High Protein, and Nourish Peptide formulas are approved for a 12 hour hang time.

Is this safe?

Our Peptide formulas meet all food safety requirements and meet all GRAS, HACCP, and CGMP standards. Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish Peptide are produced in a FDA/USDA registered facility with a USDA inspector on site. Our formulas undergo thorough testing before they are released from the manufacturer. Both Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish peptide formulas are shelf-stable, require no refrigeration, and have a two-year shelf life.

Are there any variations in consistency with real food product?

Our Peptide formulas undergo regular nutritional assessment and lab testing. However, as with all real food products, the nutrient levels may vary a bit due to growing season, soil, and weather conditions. If you have a specific medical condition that requires you to be exact with certain nutrient levels, please discuss the use of this product with your medical team.

Does Insurance cover Liquid Hope Peptide and Nourish Peptide?

Yes! More than 96% of insurances cover our products (Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurances).

At Functional Formularies we have patient advocates available to help you gain insurance coverage for our products.  Please email us at: insurance@functionalformularies.com or call us at 937.433.HOPE (4673) and we will set up an appointment for you with a patient advocate.

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We are the first organic enteral formula to be approved by Medicare.

Nourish Peptide :

  • HCPCS Code: B4161
  • Insurance Data Bank & Billing Code: 57858-0004-27*

Liquid Hope Peptide:

  • HCPCS Code: B4153
  • Insurance Data Bank & Billing Code: 57858-0004-28*

*Medicare, Medicaid and health insurers may ask you to provide a National Drug Code/NDC number for insurance claims, billing or reimbursement purposes. Because our products are whole foods and do not constitute “drugs”, we have an Insurance Data Bank and Billing Code that you should use when asked for an NDC number for our products.