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Apr 12, 2022

What kids should use Berry Medley rather than Nourish Peptide?

The two can be used by kids somewhat interchangeably.  There are slight differences in the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates so it is best to follow the guidance of your child’s clinician when determining which formula to use.  The biggest difference is the type of fiber found in Berry Medley vs Nourish Peptide.  Nourish peptide gets a considerable amount of its fiber from chickpeas in the form of galactooligosaccharide or GOS. Berry Medley contains a considerable amount of its soluble fiber content in the form of pectin. Different types of fiber have different effects on aspects of digestion such as transit time and frequency of bowel movements.

This difference, as well as the polyphenols and lower pH of Berry Medley, may be very beneficial to a child’s microbiome over time.  Some children however may not tolerate the more acidic Berry Medley as well.