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Dec 08, 2020

How do I measure Liquid Hope and Nourish to get an accurate feeding? ‘Ounces’ vs ‘fluid ounces’ and how to weigh on a gram scale compared to a Pyrex glass measuring cup

A pouch of Liquid Hope or Nourish is measured in terms of weight (341g or 12 oz) and not volume.  The 12-oz. weight of a Liquid Hope or Nourish pouch is not equivalent to 12 fluid ounces, but rather 11.5 fluid ounces.  One fluid ounce of Liquid Hope or nourish weighs considerably more than an ounce weight (29.8 g vs 28.4g), therefore measuring Liquid Hope or Nourish in grams (for a weight measurement) or mL (for volume) is recommended for the most accurate feeding calculations.

If someone is measuring Liquid Hope or Nourish with a measuring cup or with a syringe it will show less than 12 ounces; sometimes only 10 ounces, which is more typical.  Liquid Hope is not fluid ounces (like water) which most people think of, but more of a soup consistency which all has to do with the viscosity of the product. The 12-oz. designation on the package is a measure of weight. Because the formula is made from real food, its density can vary due to soil conditions, the area of the country it’s grown, time of year, etc. as well as the temperature at which it’s held (it thickens when in cooler temperatures) — therefore, the volume can vary slightly.

You can only accurately measure our products with a gram scale and it should always be at least 341 grams. Our manufacturer is instructed to pull any pouches that are not at least 341 grams, which is how it is weighed on the production line. Rest assured that each pouch of Liquid Hope and Nourish does have the full amount of nutrition that is described.

If you do weigh the formula on a gram scale, make sure that you are using a rubber spatula to get all of the product out. A gram is about the size of a grain of rice so this makes a difference. If you find that it is less than 341 grams, please let us know so that we can take further steps to address this with our manufacturer.