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Dec 08, 2020

Helpful Tips

Functional Formularies products work with any pump although, if possible, we feel that a bolus feed using a syringe at regular meal times works best. With the syringe, you will always need to use the plunger by gently applying pressure to push the food into the feeding tube.

If mixing the products with anything, including water, you will need to use a blender to make sure the product is emulsified, especially with using a pump.

If the products are cool at all, even by keeping in an air-conditioned room, the product will thicken. You may run the unopened pouch under hot water for a minute or two to thin the products down if needed.

95% of our customers have no issues with our real foods formula especially when using a 60 cc no-ring syringe bolus (syringe) feed or a large bore gravity bag. Also, you might be interested in the Jofas Clamp. The Jofas is a 24″ flexible arm that holds a 60cc syringe tube for nasal gastric (NG) and gastric (G) gravity feeding systems. One end of the flexible arm has a clip that holds the syringe up to 24″ high. The opposite end has a C-Clamp that attaches to any flat surface up to 2″ thick.