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Dec 08, 2020

Does Keto Peptide work with infusion pumps?

Keto Peptide works with all infusion pumps. If experiencing any difficulty with a pump, we recommend that you reblend the formula for 30-45 seconds in a blender to improve pump-priming and flow. Contact your medical team if you need to dilute the formula.

Pumping preparation after refrigeration:
We use only the highest quality, organic ingredients with no emulsifiers or preservatives; therefore you may find over time some of the coconut oil in the product will return to a more solid state resembling small spheres.  This is completely normal due to no emulsifiers and does not affect the product use through a bolus syringe. If you are using the product through a pump, we recommend reblending for 30-45 seconds before use to prevent clogging.