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How “Hope” came into being

Our flagship product, Liquid Hope, was created by Robin Gentry McGee for her father after he had slipped on black Ice, hit his head, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

She spent two days every week making a blenderized formula for her father in her kitchen utilizing the food as medicine/functional medicine model. The ingredients for this formula were specifically chosen for their benefits and potential to support the body’s natural immune system and to address all of her father’s conditions.

The change in her father was incredible, by anyone’s standards. For the full story please see ‘Our Story’ here.

Robin created Liquid Hope out of love for her father. She realized that her creation had the potential to help multitudes of others in need of a real-food alternative for enteral use. It was the same care and concern for her father that Robin decided to market her product to help others. And so the journey began.

A long, yet fruitful, road

Getting this formula from the kitchen to full-scale production and making it available for the world was not an easy task. Robin was in research and development for 8.5 years.

She hired food scientists at one point, but broke ties with them because they wanted to add sugar and maltodextrin in order to achieve the nutritional profile she was shooting for. Robin would not compromise her values to make something that would end up being just like all of the other formulas on the market. So, she went back into the kitchen and figured it out herself. She continues to adjust and make improvements in the formulas to try and achieve the perfect consistency and viscosity whenever possible.

Easing the learning curve

Below we wish to share with you helpful information on how to use Liquid Hope and Nourish with ease. Even though it may take a small investment of time to adjust to the differences between our products and the other sugar filled chemical formulas, our track record of satisfied customers may help alleviate any hesitations that you may have. We have a very long list of people who have told us that it has made all of the difference for themselves or their loved ones.

Please visit our facebook page here to read a few stories from our community of HOPE.

Also please read here the clinical trial that was just completed. It demonstrates what people have been telling us for years.


General information about Liquid Hope and Nourish.

What is the difference between Liquid Hope and Nourish?

Why are there variations in batches of Liquid Hope and Nourish?

What to expect when transitioning from commercial formulas to Liquid Hope or Nourish?

Delivery systems and troubleshooting.

How do I measure Liquid Hope and Nourish to get an accurate feeding?

‘Ounces’ vs ‘fluid ounces’ and how to weigh on a gram scale compared to a Pyrex glass measuring cup

Can other ingredients be add to our products to address a patient’s specific dietary needs?

What about the Vitamin A levels?

What about Vitamin K levels and persons on Warfarin?

Is there a higher risk of contamination with Liquid Hope and Nourish real-food blend formulas?

Can Liquid Hope and Nourish be used for all tube types: G-tube/PEG/ J-tube?

How long are hanging times and storage?

Can Liquid Hope and Nourish be used with enteral pumps and gravity drip bags?

How can we reduce likelihood of tube clogging with whole food blend/high fiber concentrated formulas?

Can formulas be used with malabsorptive disorders/diagnosis?

What nutritional conditions/diagnosis can Liquid Hope and Nourish be of benefit for the patient?

What are the nutritional facts?

Are Liquid Hope and Nourish covered by insurance?

Are Liquid Hope and Nourish covered by Medicare?

Are Liquid Hope and Nourish covered by Medicaid?

Which infusion DMEs and pharmacies provide Liquid Hope and Nourish?

Are there any common food allergens in Liquid Hope and Nourish?

How can I persuade referring physicians and practitioners to prescribe Liquid Hope and Nourish?

Are your formulas vegan?

Does Liquid Hope and Nourish offer complete protein and all essential amino acids?

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