Infusion Tips




  • Keep unopened formula at room temperature.  Cooler temperature will thicken the formula.
  • Shake or knead pouch for 15-30 seconds prior to administering.
  • If adding water, use water that is room temperature or warmer.
  • If any ingredients (including water) are added to the formula, re-blend the mixture for 15-30 seconds on slow speed to assure all ingredients are mixed well and to help prevent seperation during the infusion process.
  • After being opened, Keto Peptide can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours, but it must be brought back to room temperature before administering.  Cold formula will be thicker.
  • Adding an emulsifier, such as an emulsified MCT oil or sunflower lecithin, will thicken Keto Peptide.  In these situations, the mixture may need to be given via a bolus syringe.


  • Prime with water first.  Then, manually prime the formula if using a Kangaroo Joey Feeding pump, or use the “quick prime” option with the Infinity Feeding Pump.  Priming takes longer with whole food formulas.  Prime until droplets appear.
  • For those with a button-style or low-profile feeding tube, use bolus or “straight” extensions versus a right-angle extension if possible.
  • Keto Peptide is infused best with a bolus syringe.  You may need to use a plunger and slowly push the formula down the syringe.  Extend the formula delivery to mimic the length of an oral meal (~20-30 minutes).
  • If a pump feeding is needed for tolerance, Keto Peptide will flow best at higher rates since there is more propulsion to push the formula.  Agitate formula in the feeding bag every few hours to prevent separation and flush the feeding tube with water every few hours.

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