Clinical Research

World Renowned Surgeon And Top Honored Professor Of Surgical Intervention Focuses On The Role Of Whole Foods In The Care Of The Critically Ill

Stig Bengmark MD, PhD may not be a familiar name but within the global medical community he is among the most well respected surgeons and authorities on the critical care of patients. Additionally, Dr. Bengmark has published over 500 papers on the various facets of critical care that make the greatest impact on a patient’s recovery or inability to recover.

His most recent papers have focused on how imperative it is for patients to receive whole foods without sugar and with vegetable fiber. Sound familiar? Dr. Bengmark describes the conventional commercial enteral formulas as “artificial nutrition” as they lack the most vital aspects of true nourishment-plant compounds almost always stripped away from tube-feeding formulas. Additionally, he highlights many of the well-studied toxins found in most commercial formulas and their ability to drive inflammation.

Thank you Dr. Bengmark!