Hempseed & Olive Tapenade


1 pouch (226 grams) Functional Formularies Keto Formula

½ cup (80 grams) hemp hearts

¼ cup (54 grams) hempseed oil

2 teaspoons (10 grams) coconut flour

1 cup (147 grams) green olives, bottled or canned, minced

1 cup (147 grams) black olives, bottled or canned, minced


Optional: red pepper/garlic powder



  1. Combine the Functional Formularies Keto Formula, hemp hearts, hempseed oil, coconut flour, and seasonings in a food processor. Pulse several times to combine.
  2. Add the minced olives and pulse 1-2 times just to incorporate. For a nice presentation, reserve a tablespoon each of the hemp hearts and olives. Sprinkle on top of the tapenade prior to serving.