People of Hope

A Note from CEO Robin Gentry McGee

We began cataloging customer stories a while back and as our community grows, so do the stories. Each and every one of these people have personally touched my life. Their strength and courage to endure what many cannot even begin to comprehend simply blows my mind. This also brings to mind a phone call I received from someone a while back. I am quite sure this person was pretending to be a potential customer to gain information and was asking way too many questions. Guess he did not know I have been down that road before and have learned my lesson the hard way. Anyway, he seemed to almost be bothered that I "was answering the phone" adding the comment "what kind of company are you running?" What this person did not realize is that I love answering the phone and speaking directly to my customers. These people have woven a rich fabric into my life, one that has opened my heart and filled my life with compassion. I also know the time is coming all too soon that our growth will not allow me to do this very often but I hope I will always stay connected to my customers, their stories and their lives, it is vastly important to me.

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Wall of Hope

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