Paul Pitchford - Medical Advisory Board

Paul Pitchford studied and apprenticed with masters of pre-Revolutionary Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, and Tai Ji and Chan (Zen) meditation. His landmark book, Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (North Atlantic Books, available in seven languages, including forthcoming Chinese and Korean translations), forms the foundation of his unique dietary teachings, which unify Eastern and Western therapies.

For more than three decades, his writings, teachings, and consultations have inspired millions — including readers, students and health practitioners — worldwide. His work has become a primary impetus behind the most fundamental, clinically effective and innovative dietary movement today, widely known as "whole foods nutrition." He sees a universal shift to whole foods nutrition as essential for overcoming ecologic ravages to the Earth.

Best-known for his teachings on foundational healing, he emphasizes awareness practices, mindful exercise such as yoga and tai ji, and regenerative nutrition.

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