Param Dedhia, MD - Medical Advisory Board

Param Dedhia, MD is a passionate internist and integrative medicine physician focused on translating everyday practices into key steps along the journey of health and wellness. From corporate executives to underserved communities, Param partners with each individual to provide personalized care. From lectures to one-on-one consultations, the science of medicine is distilled into daily health and healing opportunities.

After 10 years at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, Param is a sought-after physician and lecturer at Canyon Ranch Medicine. Following his medical education at Michigan State University, his training and clinical practice have been invested in internal medicine, aging and geriatric medicine, public health, mind-body medicine, and weight management medicine. During his tenure at Hopkins, he has been recognized by his medical students and interns (physicians in training), his fellow health care providers, his nursing staff and (most importantly to him) his patients, for both his outstanding teaching as well as his dedicated and compassionate clinical care.

Param transitioned to Canyon Ranch for the opportunity to serve as an integrative medicine doctor and to further health and healing opportunities within his medical practice. While collaborating with a wide range of health care experts, his comprehensive philosophy is deeply rooted in partnering with people and their health care goals.

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