Joshua Levitt, ND - Medical Advisory Board

"As a naturopathic physician, nutrition is one of the most powerful and most frequently used tools in my medical toolkit. Nutrition is a foundation of health and is the safest and most effective way to prevent and treat chronic disease. It may not always seem so easy…but for most of us, using nutrition to prevent and treat illness is simple as making changes to the diet. For tube fed patients, it’s an entirely different story. Tube fed individuals are some of the most vulnerable patients there are and if anybody needs optimal’s them. Unfortunately, most of these patients rely on commercial formulas produced by large pharmaceutical companies that simply do not meet my standards for high quality nutrition.

Adding Liquid Hope to the diet of my tube fed patients has been a game changer. I am finally able to recommend an enteral formula that actually qualifies as food! Real, whole, healthy food. After adding Liquid Hope to the diet of my tube fed patients, I have seen improvements in gastrointestinal function, immunity, and overall energy and vitality. It should come as no surprise that people feel better when they eat real food."

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