Were very proud of Liquid Hope; it is a unique, whole foods tube feeding formula with thoughtfully-chosen ingredients that promote optimum health and vitality. While there are hundreds of reasons why a person might have a feeding tube, many tube-fed individuals have underlying medical conditions that make good nutrition an absolute necessity. As the old quote by Hippocrates goes, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

You might wonder why Liquid Hope contains only organic ingredients. We are committed to organic because we believe that there are serious issues (such as pesticides and GMOs) in our food supply that threaten our health. For people who are medically fragile or fighting disease, its even more important that they receive the best nutrition possible. The body is a remarkable thing; it has amazing potential for healing and vitality. So much of this potential is based on the quality of the fuel we put into our bodies; when corners are cut and quality is sacrificed, so are the bodys natural healing processes. If given the option of choosing foods that can promote health or foods that in reality can tip the scales the other direction when the body can no longer bear the burden of these toxins, we wonder why anyone would not make the choice to eat or feed their loved ones the cleanest food possible.

We are also committed to organics because the founder of our company's personal experience with cancer. In 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, something she rarely talks about. Robin's first choice was to address the tumor the only way she knew or felt comfortable with and that was with nutrition. She began a diet of raw foods and juicing along with other healing modalities that did not involve radiation or chemo. Her firm belief then as it still is, give the body the right food and the correct healing environment and it is capable of miraculous healing potential. She held true to her belief which is worth repeating, let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. After a lumpectomy three months after she began her own healing journey, she was told the tumor "miraculously" disappeared.

Do you have a feeding tube or know someone who does? Dont compromise on your health -- or your childs health. Be sure that you or your child are getting the best nutrition possible. Try Liquid Hope today -- wed love to talk to you and see how Liquid Hope can help you.

Be sure to watch this space for more information on Liquid Hope. Well spend some time in the next few weeks talking about each of the ingredients that make up this remarkable product.