"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame,in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." ~ Thomas Edison

Have you ever wondered why Liquid Hope contains the ingredients it does?

Liquid Hope was created on the food as medicine model and has a foundation in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM.) Each ingredient has been chosen for its potential to promote health and vitality and its ability to support the body’s natural immune system. Liquid Hope is nutrient-dense, making it an excellent choice for those for whom optimal nutrition is especially important -- those fighting cancer, ALS, immune deficiencies and traumatic brain injuries. In this blog series, were going to take a look at the health benefits of each ingredient.

What is Turmeric?

Well start with turmeric, an age-old spice with a huge impact. It is a key ingredient in curries, helps to preserve foods and is used as a natural dye for fabric. It has been used in Chinese and Indian cultures for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties. In its original state, turmeric is a rhizome or rootstock, a cousin to ginger. It is most often sold in powdered form in the West. Its key ingredient is curcumin -- the reason for its bright yellow color. Curcumin is the worlds most concentrated source of beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that the body converts to Vitamin A. Beta carotene strengthens the immune system, improves the skin and protects against environmental contaminants.

Turmerics Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Turmeric also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, studies have shown it to be more effective than hydrocortisone. It is often used for pain relief associated with joint pain associated with changes in the weather. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help treat asthma and eczema. It can be used internally or topically when mixed with oil to make a paste.

Turmerics Benefits for the Heart

A study by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry also points to turmerics value to diabetics, especially those who suffer from heart disease related to diabetes. Curcumin appears to reduce levels of levels of insulin resistance, triglyceride, uric acid, visceral fat and total body fat -- in short, reducing the risk of heart disease. Other studies have echoed these results. In a study published in Nutrition Journal in 2012, a low dose of turmeric was given for four weeks to healthy, middle-aged people. The results showed that participants taking turmeric reported lower triglycerides, among other wellness-promoting benefits.

How Turmeric Promotes Liver Health

Researchers in Thailand and South Korea have published recent studies attesting to turmerics benefits for liver health. Curcumin seems to have liver-protecting properties that result in improved ALT, AST and GGT levels -- all indicators of liver health. The Thai study seems to indicate that turmeric also particularly benefits the diabetic liver.

Turmeric and Cancer

The journal Cancer Letters published a study in 2014 that reiterated the fact that turmeric is a useful adjunct to traditional cancer treatment. It appears that turmeric actually targets the cancer stem cells that are responsible for the diseases growth, recurrence and resistance to drugs. Clearly, there are many reasons why turmeric is one of Liquid Hopes key ingredients. This age-old herb has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties for good reason. Whether you are using the product orally or for tube-feeding, turmeric has significant health benefits for all of us -- perhaps even more than we realize! If youd like to learn more about turmerics health benefits, be sure to look through the resources listed below.


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