The Health Benefits of Garbanzo Beans Tori Holthaus, MS, RDN, LD

Garbanzo beans (otherwise known as chickpeas) offer an impressive amount of nutrition. With healthy carbohydrates to give your body the energy it needs, fiber to help maintain optimal digestive and heart health, and protein to help your body rebuild and repair during illness or after surgery, garbanzo beans offer a variety of health benefits. Lets take a closer look into more reasons why these tiny cream-colored beans are so good for you and why they are Liquid Hopes number one food ingredient.

Theyre Full of Insoluble Fiber to Support Better Digestion Just one cup of garbanzo beans provides over 12 grams of fiber. Thats half of a womans daily fiber needs, and nearly one third of a mans! This is great for a variety of reasons; one being digestive health. The fiber in garbanzo beans is primarily insoluble fiber, which is largely undigested until it reaches the large intestine. Once its here, healthy bacteria in our large intestine break down the fiber into short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) including a special SCFA called butyrate, which is the colons desired source of energy. Since the colon is getting extra action from these SCFAs, its cells stay active and heathy.

Theyre a Superior Source of Soluble Fiber for a Healthy Heart Garbanzo beans also boast a significant amount of soluble fiber. During digestion, bile (which carries your blood cholesterol) is reabsorbed. However, when soluble fiber is present (as in the case when youre choosing garbanzo beans!) bile reabsorption may be interrupted, leading you to lower blood cholesterol.

They Enable Better Blood Sugar Regulation The fiber in garbanzo beans provides yet another benefit when paired with the 15 grams of protein per half cup: better blood sugar regulation. Because soluble fiber and protein enable a slower digestive process, insulin receptors are not given too much at once. This means that you wont get a quick surge of sugar energy followed by an overwhelming crash. A slower, healthier rate of digestive speed helps you feel steadily energized.

People always ask us why people do so well on Liquid Hope. And our answer is pretty simple: its the synergy of powerful, nutrient-packed ingredients like garbanzo beans that allow Liquid Hope to support better health in our customers. With better digestive, heart, and blood sugar health, Liquid Hope gives liquid love.