Sure, the monosaccharide glucose is the best common form of sugar.  It generally makes up the majority of starchy root vegetables carbohydrate content and is far more compatible with human physiology.  Although excess glucose from some sources can still produce high blood glucose levels and may create problems with our corresponding insulin production, this form of sugar is metabolized much more cleanly than fructose. 

Many RDs and clinicians ask us if Liquid hope is suitable for those with diabetes.  Absolutely.  I think the question is asked so frequently because Liquid Hope does not state anywhere on its package or in its literature that it is designed specifically for diabetes. 

Sugar and Cancer

Jul 27, 2017

While more and more clinicians appreciate the role of sugar in promoting insulin resistance, obesity, and heart disease, a much smaller number of these individuals would attribute any blame to its role in cancer.  Yet, epidemiological evidence suggests otherwise.  The data clearly indicates that dietary sugar and refined carbohydrates are significant risk factors for a variety of cancers (1-3.).

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