There is so much written about the organic certification of foods and food safety standards in general.  Unfortunately,  much of it is written by individuals working for companies who either don’t know any better or who are trying to confuse consumers. Should claims be made that agrichemicals are “cooked off” when a food product, such as an enteral formula, is heated. This is either wishful thinking or someone working from the ‘say it and it must be true’ model. 

The food we eat contains more chemicals than the average person could imagine.  How would a nation that prides itself on food safety and tight food processing regulations allow anything at levels that have been shown to cause harm in animal studies, often at exposure levels much less than what Americans are getting in just one serving of a common household staple; for instance, a breakfast cereal?  This is just the case.  Unfortunately, not enough families are aware of what’s there.

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