A recent investigation among an Australian Islander population, the Torres Strait Islanders, confirmed those aspects of a modern diet that contribute to major depression and highlighted two specific fats that are highly involved in the development of the disease (1).  The Islanders that ate more fish, less take-out and fast foods, and subsequently had higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, had the lowest risk for depression and depression-related issues.

Turmeric is increasingly being shown to have favorable influences on various cancer treatments, primarily through its ability to increase rates of apoptosis and with its unique effects on AMPK levels.

It's been a long day and I'm trying to translate my rambling thoughts into words. I don't even know if this makes sense enough to share.

I'm exhausted. Deeply. Thoroughly. In body, mind, and spirit. The length of these days wears me down. So much is asked of me, even after I feel I've given all I have.

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Chickpeas (aka garbanzo) beans are a major ingredient in Liquid Hope and Nourish.  Our chickpeas are extensively soaked, cooked for long periods of time, and are organically grown.  They provide a wide variety of nutrients and earlier research has shown that their regular consumption is a good predictor of a person’s nutritional status and is protective against cardiovascular disease(1)

One of the most controversial aspects of nutrition is the practice of not eating, at least for a limited or moderate amount of time.  While this has served our species well over the course of evolution, it has always been enforced by seasonal or environmental pressures causing limited food availability and, until more recently, has rarely been self-imposed. 

For the first time, a low quality diet, as defined by the concentration of micronutrients per calorie, was strongly associated with and offered great predictive value for an individual’s risk of developing cancer. 

Want to know how sugar and fruit juice effect the microbiome?
"Some sources of sugar are worse than others with respect to fostering the overgrowth of pathogens (1).  Those foods and beverages, or in the enteral area-formulas, contain much of their sugar in the form of fruit sugar or fructose.  Fruit juice, fruit juice concentrates, and high fructose-containing fruits are often the leading ingredient and foundations for enteral formulas." 
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Most of people regard fiber as something that helps keep them “regular”.  Others who may be more interested in their health understand how a diet rich in fiber can foster populations of beneficial gut flora and greater diversity overall within the microbiome.  The latest investigation however is sure to pave the way for a better understanding of the mechanisms linking higher levels of soluble fiber with improved brain health.

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Sep 17, 2018

If anyone needs or knows someone who needs an excellent TUBE FORMULA please share this story and feel free to ask us questions. We know God is our healer, but it’s our responsibility to take care of the bodies he gave us.

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Award Winner: Andrew Yeh, MD
Institution: University of Pittsburgh, Department of Surgery
Senior Author: Michael Morowitz, MD
Abstract Title: Whole-Food Enteral Nutrition Prevents Gut Dysbiosis and Improves Outcomes in a Mouse Colitis Model
Meeting: Society of Academic & Research Surgery (SARS) Annual Meeting, January 7-8, 2019 in London

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