How to Maintain Mitochondria

The Role of Mitochondria in Health

Mitochondria are small organelles located in each cell that are responsible for producing the majority of energy in the body through the Kreb’s cycle. Because of their central role in energy production, the health of mitochondria is key to properly functioning cells and central to human health. The organs that have the highest density of mitochondria are those that require the largest amount of energy – the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.....

The Ketogenic Diet: How and Why Ketogenic Interventions Can Improve Outcomes

The ketogenic diet refers to a high fat, low carbohydrate style of eating. In recent years nutritionists and other professionals have begun recognizing the potential clinical benefit of ketogenic interventions. To many though, its implementation and use still raises concern – often because it is used incorrectly, misunderstood, or like other eating styles, may be followed in an unhealthy way. It is important to understand what constitutes a true ketogenic diet, how it is impacting the body, where might it be beneficial, and especially emphasize the importance of maintaining quality food choices.....

Why Peptides?

Aug 06, 2020

Whether you are part of the enteral nutrition or the mainstream nutrition conversation, peptides are being referenced more and more. Yet what they are and the myriad of reasons they can be beneficial are often overlooked. It’s important to understand both of these when considering if or how one should incorporate them into their life – especially when we consider their ability to maximize nourishment to those who might need it most.......

Fats are an essential part of any diet. From the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and maintaining blood sugar balance to their role in brain health, immune function, mitochondrial health – their importance as a foundational aspect of one’s diet cannot be emphasized enough. There is a growing body of evidence that supports not only its inclusion, but that they may be required for optimal health. Still, with a long history of being vilified in public health messaging, the important role they play is often misunderstood or poorly accepted within the broader community.........

Andre's Story

Jun 09, 2020

>I was told to give him <brand name removed> which I hated right from the get-go because of its high sugar content and other garbage in it. So I was completely overjoyed with Nourish (well Liquid Hope at the time) with all the wonderful ingredients in it! For many years I purchased liquid hope/Nourish out of pocket because I wanted my son to get the best nutrition possible through the tube & consistently. Then later Nourish came out and about a year ago we finally got insurance to approve it for us!

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Heather's Story

Jun 05, 2020

Hey. Just saying thanks. Our 4 year old uses your products. He hasn’t had any fevers or sickness in between treatments. His counts recover without delay, he hasn’t lost any weight since his second round and doctors always tell us how he’s thriving while healing from stage 4 adrenal cancer. The nurses are always shocked that we can run his feeds for as long as we do during the week of chemo.

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Kathryne's Story

May 27, 2020

Within 6 months of using Nourish my son was 50% weight for height. It worked so well for him; his dietician agreed to use Nourish as the base for his ketogenic diet for epilepsy and my son thrived even more. 

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Dagmara's Story

May 21, 2020

I am so grateful for the KETO formula - an easy way for me to keep my daughter in ketosis through her bone marrow transplant.

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Alistair's Story

May 19, 2020

This is my son Alistair. He is 4 years old with partial trisomy 18 and is gtube dependent. He has been on many formulas and blenderized diet but is currently on nourish and tolerating it well. He used to vomit all the time and have constipation. He used to take eryped, cyproheptadine, miralax and senna and we have taken him off all those medications. He just gets nourish and a probiotic with fiber daily.

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Aimee's Story

May 14, 2020

"He is growing and thriving"

Aimee - People of HopeBefore my son’s small intestine transplant, he was not able to tolerate any formula (bolus or running on a pump) as his intestine was a big ball of scar tissue. Since his transplant, his new small bowel functions the way it should and is allowing him to actually tolerate Nourish. He is growing and thriving and has discontinued all parenteral nutrition. 


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