Two sessions we think are gonna be great at this years Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo

We are headed to FNCE 2014 to share the worlds first organic whole foods enteral formula with some of the nations leading dietitians, doctors and nutritionists. We are looking forward to learning about the great information that will be shared at the conference.

Top Sessions

Enteral Feeds: Getting the Volume Needed in Your Patients

Early and adequate enteral nutrition is often 'easier said than done.' Changing from a traditional 'rate-based' approach to a 'volume-based' approach is one way to address the barrier of lack of feeding. The experience of a bedside practitioner instituting one such approach will be presented. Excellence in Practice - Clinical Practice: Beth E. Taylor, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, FCCM

The Power of Plant Protein

A new body of research is developing that underscores the benefits of plant proteins and their effect on the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and possibly even cancer. Foods high in plant proteins provide a potent nutrient mixture to promote health, improve dietary patterns, and improve nutritional status in a variety of ways. This new research has implications for how diet recommendations should be implemented.