Our observations of using Liquid Hope from the Creating Hope Campaign

In December of 2013 we set out to raise funding and launch a large scale pediatric study with home feeding tube population using blenderized food, particularly, Liquid Hope. We were unsuccessful in our efforts to raise enough funding to launch the study on the scale that we had hoped, so we adjusted and moved forward with doing what we could with what we had. We launched a study that included 5 children. One came off the tube (hooray) early into the study. One was never approved by her health care team to move forward. The three that were included have now essentially completed the study and the results are astounding. We are so grateful and honored to have walked this path with our children of hope, if only for a moment in time. To all of those who did contribute to this study, thank you for your belief and willingness to be a part of our vision of change. In parting, I ask you this. Is there a price one can put on the ability to change a child's life? In deepest gratitude,


First of all, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, Robin, for helping Ty Christian. As you already know, when Ty was first placed with us we were told he probably would not live but Ty is a fighter. Every opportunity, large or small, is so appreciated. When we had the opportunity to have this trial period with Liquid Hope, I knew in my heart it would change things for him. What a huge gift to him. What an wonderful chance for him. This has given us answers, this has given us hope.

Ty has Down syndrome, CP, thoracic insufficiency syndrome due to neuromuscular scoliosis, autism, and more. He endures repeat surgeries twice a year and will continue to do so until he reaches spinal maturity. He cannot swallow and has been fed by tube almost his entire life.

Before being given Liquid Hope my son suffered with chronic constipation, reflux, inflammation with a low grade fever, pain and excessive mucus drainage. The doctors finally charted that the temp of 99.9 was his new base line temp. The chronic constipation went on for so long in spite of laxatives that we requested an MRI just to be sure his spinal cord had not re tethered.

Ty was constantly fighting infections from every direction. Incision infections, skin infections, ear infections and more. He began to gag and vomit when he would attempt to have a bowel movement. He was not communicating. He had long episodes of being upset and stemming.

Ty had been on prescription formula for most of his life. It was only when the doctor prescribed adult doses of laxatives every two to three hours I began to investigate what the chemical composition of the laxatives and his formula was. I was shocked. This is what he was living on. I started looking for natural alternatives. I was able to put together food for him, but not a complete formula and it was labor intensive to find, cook, puree and store this food. It would take a day for finding organic, non GMO foods and then another day to cook and process the food. Even then I knew it was lacking in nutrients he needed. I did not see a lot of results from my efforts. It was difficult to care for Ty's day to day needs and process this food. I could have taken an easy way out but why in the world would I put all that effort in making something that was not as complete as possible and wholesome for him? Why would I feed him foods with pesticides and genetically modified? He was already being poisoned. Then I found Liquid Hope. Liquid Hope was, at the time, and still is the only enteral formula that contains high quality food and is nutritionally dense. It was easy to use to bolus feed him.

When Liquid Hope was introduced,Ty's body responded so fast that it was astonishing. We saw results so quickly that we were not even sure of what we were seeing. I was suddenly seeing my little boy with energy, communication and vibrancy. I was seeing him speak, play and use his imagination. I began to wonder if autism was a nutritional deficiency. I found that the severe back pain was related to constipation which in turn was related to lack of nutritional support for his digestive system. I know he has pain, but the added pressure of his bowels not functioning added to his pain. I found that the inflammation was due to his body not having the ability to fight because of so may assaults without nutritional support. How could he heal?

Nutritional support is vital. It is a lesson the world should learn. We cannot give the injured and sick chemically derived foods and expect them to heal with out micro nutrients. There are no short cuts. There are no substitutes for adequate nutrition. Liquid Hope is the first enteral formula offered on the market that provides a high quality food source. I know Liquid Hope is a product created for life and healing because it was created out of love.

To those who contributed to this study, to those who reached out to help, I want to thank you. It was through your kindness that we were able to have this chance to prove to ourselves and to the world that Liquid Hope makes a difference. What a precious gift you gave to Ty Christian by your generosity.

Thank you for Hope!