Our observations of using Liquid Hope from the Creating Hope Campaign

In December of 2013 we set out to raise funding and launch a large scale pediatric study with home feeding tube population using blenderized food, particularly, Liquid Hope. We were unsuccessful in our efforts to raise enough funding to launch the study on the scale that we had hoped, so we adjusted and moved forward with doing what we could with what we had. We launched a study that included 5 children. One came off the tube (hooray) early into the study. One was never approved by her health care team to move forward. The three that were included have now essentially completed the study and the results are astounding. We are so grateful and honored to have walked this path with our children of hope, if only for a moment in time. To all of those who did contribute to this study, thank you for your belief and willingness to be a part of our vision of change. In parting, I ask you this. Is there a price one can put on the ability to change a childs life? In deepest gratitude, Robin

I have been so excited and honored that Adalyn was chosen for this study. Addie has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. We as a family had recently changed our entire way of eating and I started to become concerned with the amount of chemicals, additives, and sugar content of the Pediasure she was consuming thru her G-Tube. She had been on Pediasure since she was 16 months old and has never really gained much weight, and was constantly sick which would cause her to lose weight. She then never would properly re-gain that weight. It has been a constant battle.

In the time Adalyn has been on Functional Formularies Liquid Hope, Addie has gained weight! This is no small feat, she became very sick with RSV during the study. Normally a sickness like this would take weeks for her to bounce back from, Not only did she recover faster than I thought she would, she re-gained the weight she lost while sick and within two weeks she went on to further put on weight.

Liquid Hope has also helped with behavior issues with Addie. Adalyn was constantly cranky, crying,whining, generally very sensitive to sensory input. In the time she has been taking in Liquid Hope, peace has been brought to our home. Because her body is being fully nourished she is no longer having mood swings caused by the sugar in her previous formula and her appetite is satiated.

Adalyns stamina has also GREATLY increased. She has gone from being able to fully engage in physical therapy for a maximum of 15 min to now being able to last almost 45 minutes before she cannot go any further. I spoke with her occupational therapist and though I have not noticed a cognitive change she said that she has. She says Addie has been focusing much better and longer as well as her vocabulary has exploded. She has also stopped drooling and has better control over both her mouth and with her dexterity in her fingers.

One of the most exciting side effects of Liquid hope ( for me) LOL! Is the fact that she is having DAILY bowel movements! Adalyn has never had in her 4 years of life had daily bowel movements she has been plagued with constipation due to her Cerebral Palsy. It was her "normal" to only have a bowel movement only ONCE a week sometimes two, even with over the counter drug laxatives. She has completely NORMAL daily bowel movements which she started within only DAYS of implementing Liquid Hope!

Liquid Hope has been a HUGE blessing to our family. Not only has it changed Adalyn, and reduced my fears of malnutrition it has fully set our family on a path to healthy, organic, non- GMO food for our ENTIRE family of seven! I have learned and been educated so much in this study about food, nutrients and where my families food comes from.

I look forward to continuing to inform and educate other families about Liquid Hope and the benefits of a complete blended diet for those who need it most! We will never be able to fully show our gratitude!

Love from... Adalyn, Sarah and the entire Heltsley family!