All in all, I can say Houston was amazing. When we decided to attend the Academy of Food and Nutrition Conference, I did so with some apprehension. Throughout the eight years that we have been working on the launch of our groundbreaking product, I have encountered some aversion to our real foods formula, from some in the RD community, and I was not sure what we would be in for with this 8000 plus crowd of RDs from all over the country. Upon walking into the trade show to set up our booth, I was even more hesitant when I saw the vast displays from Monsanto, McDonalds DuPont and Nestle, just to name a few.

Was I ever wrong in my trepidation. The response was 100% overwhelming. I wish I had filmed the reactions. Across the board, when people realized that we indeed had a 100% organic real foods formula, they literally jumped for joy!

In lieu of taped responses, I will share with you a few.

You mean this is simply not pureed baby food? Get outta town!!

Seriously, this can be someones sole source of nutrition? Thank God!

I have waited 50 years for a formula like this.

No Way!!!

Are you kidding me?


I can actually READ the ingredients!!!

I cant wait to share this with all of my patients!

That is so cool.

I think you get the picture! I could go on and on with the nearly 1000 people who visited us and we are so thankful for these responses.

Most Frequently Ask Questions From The Conference:

Can this be used as a sole nutrition source?

Yes! That is why this was developed after 8 years of R&D and having numerous people use this formula with great success, the answer is yes.

Is it kid friendly?

Yes! Our serving size is based on adult nutritional needs. Kids were not our original target market in developing this. What we have found however is that a vast number of people are using this for children which has already sent us back into R&D to create a formula specifically for children and that product will be launched soon.

Shouldnt people have a variety?

Ideally, yes, but with our formula created from 17 different whole food ingredients, they are getting a huge variety of foods. To address the desire for variety, we have had numerous customers add coconut water blended with frozen fruit and/or avocado to Liquid Hope or as an additional per day serving. We also have personally added blended wild salmon and anchovies to Liquid Hope. Remember, although we do not advocate fruit for everyone, if this is something that is a part of your health protocol, these are great cost effective and easy options.

So what about fruits?

We have intentionally kept fruits out of our formula due to high sugar content. Most all of our customers are dealing with some sort of health issues and based on our research, we do not feel adding a lot of extra sugar, even delivered through fruit is beneficial. That said, we also feel people should have choices and that some may benefit from certain nutrients provided from fruit so we will be launching line extensions soon to provide a variety of organic whole food nutrition choices, some including some with fruit We believe that tube fed people deserve to have the same options as everyone else but at the same time, we want to make sure we are staying true to the values and integrity of the Functional Formularies functional food, healing food model so stay tuned for exciting new products!

Who won?

At FNCE, we really wanted to give those who stopped by the opportunity to experience our product and our message so we chose to give away a months supply of Liquid Hope as well as two sets of books written by those on our medical team. The books are-The Savvy Patient by our Medical Director Mark Pettus M.D., The Inside Tract: Your Good Gut Guide to Great Digestive Health, by one of our amazing RDs, Kathie Swift (co-author Gerard Mullin, MD) and Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford.

The winners are:

Grand Prize: Mark Burgdorfer

As a side note, it was delightful meeting Mark and he had one of the greatest quotes, which was OMG! I can READ it. If I remember correctly, Mark is a student. What a coincidence he won. We think Mark is going to graduate and do great things!!

 Book Bundle Winners:

Jeanne Singer MS, RD, LD, CDE

The Methodist Hospital Houston

Rachel Hermecz, MS, RD

Georgia Southern University

Department of Health & Kinesiology

Congratulations all!!


This trip has given me great hope and faith that people are once again beginning to understand the value of real food nutrition in healing and I am so honored to have been given the opportunity of blazing this trail.

Love and Hope,