My son is 4 with multiple disabilities. He lost his ability to swallow at 6 months old and was then unable to tolerate any formula we tried due to both milk protein and soy protein intolerance. By 13 months he was less than 10th percentile for weight and in the ER weekly for dehydration due to vomiting his formula. We tried Nourish even though his GI was pushing other real food formulas because of the 12 hour hang time and because it contained the least allergens. The difference could be seen within the first 2 hours of the wean on Nourish (he was continuous feeds so we added 2 hours a day as our wean protocol). During those 2 hours vomiting stopped and within 30 minutes of using formula vomiting started again.

Within 6 months of using Nourish my son was 50% weight for height. It worked so well for him; his dietician agreed to use Nourish as the base for his ketogenic diet for epilepsy and my son thrived even more. This led me to contact Functional Formularies several years ago to ask if R&D could work on a keto enteral formula. I was so happy to see that I didn't just receive lip service all those years ago and the keto formula was announced in March. We will be starting our trial this month to make sure he can tolerate the new ingredients.
The most amazing thing is my son's genetic disorder is supposed to cause failure to thrive and stunted growth. On Nourish and ketogenic diet he is not only thriving, but he is 92nd percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. The latest publication on his gene also showed that it is responsible for regulating gut inflammation which coincidentally we were already addressing via Nourish and it's Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.

Kathryne - People of Hope


~ Kathryne H.