Our People of Hope family is growing! We have so much gratitude to all of you for searching out an alternative to the conventional formula and finding Liquid Hope! We would love to highlight your individual stories, and always enjoy hearing updates on your progress. This week our People of Hope spotlight is on Jenny Dwyer and her husband, Pat. Pat was diagnosed with ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrigs disease. He had a feeding tube placed and was sent home with cans of standard formula from the hospital.

If you have had the experience of using these formulas, and looked at the ingredients, you might have been shocked to see what is passing as food and nourishment in the hospital! The main ingredients are corn sugars, soy protein and oil, other undesirable oils, low quality proteins, and other hard to pronounce ingredients.

Here is the story as told by Jenny:

For the first couple months I just ground up whatever we were eating in a blender and fed him that through his tube. But then he started having some issues, and our hospice nurse thought maybe if he had a consistent diet, that that might help keep things, smooth.We started using the [Standard Formula]...about 5 cans a day. A couple days into it, he started developing a bunch of mucous in his mouth. He'd never had that symptom before with his ALS. We figured it was part of the progression of the disease and just did more suctioning and swabbing of his mouth area. Some days it was pretty bad.One day, for whatever reason, I decided to give him "normal food", ground up of course! I had enough mixed up for a good day or so, so I continued to feed him that...and guess what, his mucus level dropped to almost nothing. We then realized it was the canned [formula] that was making him produce so much mucus. About that same time I saw an article online about Robin's food and emailed her. We got in touch via phone and a bit later, I had Liquid Gold* in my hands.I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference it made in my husband's overall health. The mucus was nonexistent. His energy was much higher and the potty issues that we had with the blended "normal" food were gone. Plus, it tastes really good! I began adding 6TBS of coconut oil to the food, spread throughout the day.

*Liquid Hope

Jenny also shared that it felt great to be able to give her husband good nourishment!

Liquid Hope is a great alternative or addition to blending food at home! Jenny mentioned that she did not have as much time as was necessary to blend Pats food, and with caregiving, time can often be very limited. She also found peace of mind in knowing that Pats nutritional needs were being met without having to figure out if home blends were providing all of the necessary dietary elements.

Thank you Jenny for sharing your experience with Liquid Hope! We send love to you and your family! It is an honor to share your story and the photo of you and Pat.

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