Timothy is happy-go-lucky toddler who likes to play with his siblings, unpack the kitchen cupboards and dance with his daddy. He also happens to have Down syndrome and was born with tracheomalacia and laryngomalacia, conditions that made breathing difficult. And hes one of our People of Hope.

At just three weeks old, the NG feeding tube he'd had since birth was replaced with a g-tube. A Nissen procedure -- which was unsuccessful -- was also performed to eliminate reflux. As it turned out, that was just the first of many surgeries. Hospitalized for more than 180 days in his first 18 months, he also underwent a tracheostomy, a bowel resection, cardiac surgery and was sick most of the time with respiratory illnesses.

When he was about a year old, his mom started researching alternatives to formula, hoping to help him gain weight and be better able to fight off infection. Although theyd tried just about every formula on the market, Timothy continued to gag and vomit several times a day. He wasn't gaining weight and was considered failure to thrive. She began working with a dietitian to add baby food to his diet, eventually transitioning completely to a blended diet.

According to his mom, he gets the best diet in the house.To strengthen his weak immune system, he regularly receives Liquid Hope as well as homemade blends of superfoods like kefir and yogurt, broccoli, kale, bone broth, blueberries and quinoa. Its made a huge difference in Timothys life. Hes finally gaining weight, hes full of energy and is making great strides developmentally. Hes sleeping more soundly and he rarely gags and vomits anymore.

His parents expect that his trach will be removed this summer after extensive reconstructive surgery, but his feeding tube will remain until hes able to begin eating orally. For now, theyre grateful for the tube since it means he can receive the healthy organic diet he needs to conquer all of the obstacles in his path.

At Functional Formularies, were proud to help children like Timothy grow and thrive. Wholesome foods really do make a difference.