I have had a feeding tube since I was 13 months old but my gut is failing so i ended up on tpn which caused my liver to fail and no other formulas had worked for sometime....my doc fought hard to get it approved and now my liver function is back to normal I've gained 20 lbs and feel human and alive for the first time in 2 yrs and I haven't been hospitalized except once in the last 4 months the last 2 yrs i was in more than i was out... went septic 3 times last yr was on a vent in a coma for a week had to have my heart jump started twice all due to infections from being so malnourished ... started liquid hope in oct and the difference was amazing i even was able to go with to take my kids to the grand canyon thank you so much i will be forever grateful.

Thank you for making an exceptional product for those of us complex medical cases i swallowed lye at 13 months and it burned my mouth bronchial tubes vocal cords esophagus stomach and ive spent half my life in a hospital and its amazing the difference real food makes and i can especially tell as ive been on formula my whole life so to be able to have food is an amazing feeling thanks again for all you do.

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~ Hope R.