Hey. Just saying thanks. Our 4 year old uses your products. He hasn’t had any fevers or sickness in between treatments. His counts recover without delay, he hasn’t lost any weight since his second round and doctors always tell us how he’s thriving while healing from stage 4 adrenal cancer. The nurses are always shocked that we can run his feeds for as long as we do during the week of chemo.

It was a huge fight to get them to allow us to use it here at <hospital name removed> but I’m that “feisty Mom” and I won. Many others are denied the choice to use “out of house feeds” and it frustrates me. However, we are working on an integrative team here, which I’m extremely excited about. Again, thank you!

We’d love to be a part of getting the word out. It’s made such a HUGE difference in his treatment. We are so grateful and wish others knew it was an option.

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~ Heather T.