Whole Foods Create Better Lives for People with Feeding Tubes

By Robin Gentry McGee

Food is the best medicine. It was true in Hippocrates Day, and its true today. At Functional Formularies, we believe in food as medicine. As we ramp up for participation in the upcoming Food as Medicine Conference at Kripalu, weve put together our top five reasons why eating right makes for healthier lives. Whether you are eating orally or are tube fed, we all have a right to utilize this marvelous model of food as medicine.

1. Whole Food Meal Replacements Positively Affect Brain Functions By concentrating on a healthy diet, you may just affect the functions of your brain and regulate your moods, according to some recent studies on diet, exercise and health. Unfortunately, Mondays will still be Mondays.

When we made Liquid Hope, we were thinking about your wellbeing. Did you know that our organic broccoli contains chromium (Chromi-YUM!) and those wonderful Omega-3s, which help increase levels of serotonin? And what about the B6-packed garbanzo beans, which help our neurotransmitters? Or the sprouted quinoa and kale, which are classified as super foods for all the nutritional goodness they contain?

2. Eating Real Food Boosts Energy Whole foods and a balanced diet can boost your energy (were pretty sure it wont make you fly, but weve seen story after story from our People of Hope talking about renewed energy).

But theres good energy and then theres bad energy. Sure, you can get a short hour-long jolt from drinking a can of soda or going with a meal replacement where high-fructose corn syrup is a main ingredient, but according to many nutritionists, diets with low added sugars, lots of whole grains and fiber are your key to creating more energy. Put good stuff in, and you will get good stuff out.

3. History Tells Us Food is The Best Medicine Hippocrates said it best. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. This holistic approach has served both the mainstream medical community as well as alternative medicine philosophies for over 2000 years.

One hundred years ago, doctors and dieticians were still creating hand-made formulas to meet their patients unique dietary needs. And it worked! It wasnt until big pharm got ahold of this industry that we lost touch with our bodies (and our realities) and started giving people on feeding tubes generic formulas filled with unnatural ingredients and processed sugars.

Weve reproduced this age-old apothecary philosophy in our signature product, Liquid Hope, which incorporates 17 organic ingredients into one super special formula that is being lauded by registered dieticians, doctors and parents.

4. Worldwide Health Trends Support the Concept of Food as Medicine Why do Japanese women have lower rates of breast cancer, and people from South Africa have a decreased risk of colon cancer? Its all about diet. Check out the Mayo Clinics take on the Mediterranean Diet. Chock full of whole foods, limited processed sugars, and just a bit of olive oil, this healthy diet is being used across the globe to help people lose weight and seek balance. And seeking balance is what it is all about.

5. It could make you live longer Theres a lot of things we cant control in life. We cant control the weather. We cant control the stock market. We cant control politics, or football or telemarketers... But we do have the ability to affect changes on a cellular level simply by what we consume!

At a conference on diet and longevity at the Center for Obesity, Assessment, Study and Treatment at USCSF, experts, including Dr. Dean Ornish, concluded that a whole-foods diet, low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, is ideal for fostering longevity. Dr. Ornish added that an optimal diet is also rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and soy products in their natural forms. There are hundreds of thousands of protective substances in these foods - what you include in your diet is as important as what you exclude.

Once aware of the amazing ability of food to support and potentiate healing, how could anyone not embrace this age-old model of medicine?

Robin Gentry McGee is the Founder and CEO of Functional Formularies. Photo adapted from original art by Constance.CH under Creative Commons license.