Conrad Vigo

Most people suffer from the occasional upper respiratory infection. Typically, these can be treated with antibiotics and the patient will recover in a few days. For 58-year-old Conrad Vigo, a life-long asthmatic, a sinus infection would forever change his life.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Conrad acquire an acute sinus infection. This led to a respiratory distress event; he collapsed. Doctors discovered that Conrad has suffered an Anoxic brain injury a period of time where not enough oxygen was getting to his brain. One of the lasting effects of his brain injury is that Conrad now relies on a feeding tube for nutrition.

After the injury, it took the doctors about a month to determine that he needed the feeding tube, said Mary Vigo, Conrads wife. He had gone between two different ICUs and he was losing weight. We were all concerned that he wasnt getting the nutrition he needed to survive.

Thus began the journey of trial and eventual error with all the most common commercial enteral feeding formulas. It seemed none of them would work for Conrad long-term.

We went through quite a few commercial formulas, Mary said. He would usually start out okay, but his ability to tolerate the formulas would decrease over time. He would eventually start to throw up after a couple months or so.

Mary and her daughter, a registered nurse, were convinced there must be a better alternative to the commercial formulas. They began looking online for other products and getting information on how to blend their own meals.

We were pretty desperate, Mary said. My daughter was looking online and we were ready to begin making his meals completely on our own. But then we found Liquid Hope!

Conrad tolerated Liquid Hope extremely well, and the eventual bouts of vomiting after two-to-three months that hed suffered with the other formulas, never occurred. She saw other benefits as well, including Conrad was no longer bloated and his digestive processes were much healthier.

Conrad has been using Liquid Hope for 14 months now and hes doing really well on it, Mary said. For Conrad, the Liquid Hope is now his single source of nutrition. His brain injury does not allow him to eat by mouth, though the family hopes that with time and therapy he may be able to enjoy a meal by mouth again one day.

No one enjoyed a meal the way he did, Mary joked. Were just really thankful to have found Liquid Hope. Without it, I dont know what we would have done.

We are glad you found Liquid Hope as well Mary and we are so honored to count Conrad among our family of Hope!