My Andre was stuck at 19lbs when he was 5 yrs old. After months of trying increased high calorie foods we saw no weight gain. He was also tested and was told that he was losing a lot more calories than he should be throughout the day because of his involuntary movements, hence needed a lot more calories daily which I really couldn’t do more of what I was already feeding him all day long. So he was always able to use his mouth to eat but needed a lot more calories, so we decided to get the Gtube. Since then (over 5 yrs now) we have seen an amazing amount of growth. He is now about 58lbs and is 10 yrs old and almost 4ft! I discovered Liquid Hope from our dietitian about 6 months after getting the gtube. I was told to give him <brand name removed> which I hated right from the get-go because of its high sugar content and other garbage in it. So I was completely overjoyed with Nourish (well Liquid Hope at the time) with all the wonderful ingredients in it! For many years I purchased liquid hope/Nourish out of pocket because I wanted my son to get the best nutrition possible through the tube & consistently. Then later Nourish came out and about a year ago we finally got insurance to approve it for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your contribution in helping my son grow. We went from being so skinny and unhealthy looking to a 58lbs healthy 10 yr old!!! I love your product and recommend it to all my friends whose kiddos have a tube and even if they don't have a gtube! ❤️

~ Anush S.