So I fought with all the nutritionists we met with. I asked for recipes to make my own real/whole food blends at home and not one could give me a recipe without adding some processed food. It’s an odd thing when meeting with these nutritionists and they want you to add oil and sugar to all foods for extra calories. I realized they were all more worried about calories and weight gain, no matter the source and not long term health or sustainability.

I did find some mom resources and blended for a while but It didn’t quite work with our lifestyle. So I was super happy when I found a brand named Functional Formularies ”nourish” that checks all the boxes with no additives or added junk. All pure whole real food. It was amazing. Immediately after Gabriel started getting real whole food in his gtube his desire to try real food skyrocketed, and quickly. It was like magic. I’d heard about this happening but when I saw it in my own child I started preaching it everywhere. Our feeding therapist agreed and even started telling all her patients. But it wasn’t easy getting Nourish. Our hospital DME wouldn’t supply it because they said insurance wouldn’t cover it. The nutritionist wouldn’t prescribe it because it was too much work to jump through the hoops to get. So I told our pediatrician our dilemma and why I thought he needed it and he did the extra work for us and we changed DMEs and they supplied it to us no problem. I later realized our nutritionist just wouldn’t prescribe it because their hospital wouldn’t provide it and they’d lose money if we went somewhere else ???? but let me tell you, seeing Gabriel prosper with real food instead of just sugar made me a huge advocate for real food not just for G-tube fed kids, but everyone.

Alexie's Story

~ Alexie S.