On the road with FF


In wake of the solstice, summer is here at last!  Whether you’re taking a day trip to the local beach, riding full steam ahead on a cruise liner, or hopping on that big jet plane to explore the vastness of Mother Earth; you may find yourself in need of a few tips on how to travel with Liquid Hope or Nourish.  While we are not able to cover every possible scenario that you may experience in your travels, we can provide a bit of guidance for the more common situations that may arise as you escape ‘real life’ and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Nowadays, a lot of our destinations require us to take flight in order to enjoy some of the rich experiences that our world has to offer.  Traveling with your sole source of nutrition may sound like a daunting (and expensive) task, but many airlines offer transport of medical supplies and foods, free of additional baggage fees. 

For example:  Delta Airlines will check one additional bag for medical supplies at no additional charge, as long as the bag does not contain other non-essential items.  If you are flying with Liquid Hope or Nourish, please be sure to check with your airline of choice for their specific recommendations and requirements.  Links to the travel policies for major airlines can be found below:

With most airlines, these policies also apply to international travel.  That being said, each country will have its own customs clearance policy and procedure.  Any disregard of these requirements can delay your travels and should be confronted before boarding an aircraft bound for a destination outside of the United States. We recommend checking with both your airline of choice and the department of homeland security, in order to avoid any potential scenario that may disrupt your summer vacation.  They should be able to provide you with the details of exit and entry procedures that apply to those of us traveling with feeding tubes.

Before you head out on a road trip to your favorite beach, or some other exciting locale this summer, you’ll want to be sure to work a meal schedule into your vacation planning.  And remember, you can store an opened pouch in a refrigerator or cooler for up to 48 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, feel free to submit an inquiry via the Contact-Us tab, located on our website at www.functionalformularies.com.  We will do our best to provide a recommendation that suits your specific needs.  Stay safe out there!


~ Travis Williams, Logistics & Inventory Supervisor