Lillian's Story


Ahh, Nourish. This stuff is a God send, guys. And this post is LONG overdue. Back in May?? I called Lillian dietician and told her I felt like it was time to ditch the home blends and give Nourish a try. Boy was I devastated. In my mind, I couldn’t imagine anything being better for her than food that I cooked in my kitchen and blended fresh daily. I WAS WRONG. 

Nourish has been life changing for Lillian. Her color, her energy, her mood, her oxygen saturation’s, her eye health, her growth, her hair! Everything! She’s a glowing happy mini Rapunzel because of this amazing food. I’m seriously kicking myself for not giving up the home blend and trying it sooner. It could’ve save us both so much headache (and vomiting). 

Prior to adding real food into Lillian’s diet, she was solely fed breastmilk and never puked. Ever. At around 13 months we started adding home blended baby food to her diet and she did great. But once we started adding enough food to meet her nutritional needs she started projectile vomiting everywhere, it was like an exorcism every time we fed her. She wasn’t gaining weight because she was throwing all that blended food up. Fast forward to today, she is eating a combination of Nourish (which is her main food), breastmilk, and water! She is a totally different baby. I always say traching her is one of the best things we’ve ever done, starting her on Nourish is definitely right up there with the trach and heart surgery. It’s that amazing. 

So if your a tubie mama and you’ve been on the fence about Nourish, call your child’s dietician today and ask them about it!! It could seriously be life changing." -- For the Love of Lillian - Trisomy 18 Princess