Elijah's story


We rode the blood sugar rollercoaster with my son, Elijah who has Kabuki Syndrome... back when he was 1-2 years old ... With the sugar filled formulas. He would drop to the 30's... Even sometimes 20's 1- 2 hours after a feed!! Doctors had us try everything from adding cornstarch and pectin to his tube feeds... to trialing different medications...to even continuous feeds (BTW... our bodies/GI tracts are NOT meant to have continuous feeds!!). The best he would get was 50s before next feed.

We finally were able to switch to Liquid Hope (Nourish had not come out yet) back when he was 27 months... And IMMEDIATELY he had stable blood sugars that we're at least high 60s up to 80s... consistently. The only time we had to worry about blood sugars dropping after that... was when his body would get extra stressed from an infection or getting cold (from swimming). When that would happen... We would just give smaller, more frequent feeds of Liquid Hope... BUT we didn't have to worry anymore about his food making his blood sugars spike and crash!

We also noticed right away after starting Liquid Hope that Elijah started gaining weight, growing taller, his head circumference stared growing again... expressive language finally started happening... He finally had the strength to pull himself up to a stand… then take his first steps... then walk within 6 months of making the switch... and his immune system improved tremendously. 

We will always be grateful to Functional Formularies for changing our son's life. It's given him the best shot at reaching his fullest potential both medically and physically! Elijah went from having horrible GI symptoms with severe reflux and extremes with bowel movements... To having his GI symptoms resolve after the switch. No more refluxing, his bowel movements became normal and he actually started showing interest in orally eating. He is now 7 years old (he's still looks like he a toddler lol!)... And we are down to 1 tube feed/ meal of Liquid Hope a day! He has been weaned off of all GI meds after the switch as well!”

~ Rachael V.