From medical supplies to enteral formulas, you likely know that acquiring insurance coverage for you or your loved one's health needs can take some work and time. We know that, too. About 96 percent of customers receive coverage by following the below listed steps. Please find a complete check list and more information at

Here are our top four tips for expediting the insurance process so that you can get Liquid Hope and/or Nourish as soon as possible.

Before you check out the tips below, be sure you understand how our process works. Read through our Insurance page. Then, come back here to read these important tips.


Top Tips for Getting Insurance Coverage for Your Formula, Quickly!

1. Make sure your doctor agrees to write a prescription for you for Liquid Hope or Nourish. The prescription must be on the doctor's prescription pad with the amount of volume/calories indicated and the number of refills you will need.

2. Be certain that the Letter of Medical Necessity from your doctor states that there is a need to change to Liquid Hope or Nourish from your current formula. It is imperative that this letter is written on the doctor's letterhead; if it's not, the process will be delayed.

3. Include Progress Notes that specify the Nutrition Assessment or Treatment Plan, and make sure that those notes mention Liquid Hope or Nourish.

4. Contact your current durable medical equipment (DME) supplier and ask if they will supply Liquid Hope or Nourish. Mention that you are switching from your current formula to Liquid Hope or Nourish. If your current supplier does not carry the formula, you may need to switch to another DME supplier. Find a list of DME suppliers on our website here, or check out the DMEs that ship nationwide here.


Please contact us directly at 937-433-4673 if you have questions or need additional assistance.