As young as I can remember, food has been at the center of my life. From helping my grandfather feed the chickens when I could barely walk, to standing on a stool in the kitchen helping my grandmother cook and churn butter, there was always food and always love.

I have created these soups from the same heart centered place out of love and gratitude for the ability be able to do so. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Robin Gentry McGee

Our soups are made fresh, from scratch, in small batches with love then flash frozen and shipped Fedex 2day on ice.

Each soup was created with the Food as Medicine/Functional Medicine model. All of the ingredients were specifically chosen for their healing potential and combines to make amazing tasting soups with benefits.



  • Individual Soups: $11.00 each
  • Quantity of 4: $40.00
  • Quantity of 8: $75.00

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