Robyn O'Brien - Board of Advisors

Robyn O’Brien has been called "food’s Erin Brockovich" by the New York Times and Bloomberg, and her story has inspired millions. Robyn was a financial analyst that covered the food industry. Originally from a conservative Texas family, she now lends her analytical skill set, heart and mind to building a better food system. Armed with data on the health of our families and an analytical approach, she has been invited to speak at Target, Bloomberg, Nestle, Chipotle, and food and health organizations around the world. She is the executive director of the AllergyKids Foundation whose mission is to make clean and safe food affordable to all families and founder of of Moms Voices, a campaign to protect the health of children. She is named after a farmer, her mother was a nurse, and she lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and four children.

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